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Pembayaran bisa dilakukan lewat rekening BCA an: Aditya Halim – 7660321751

Atau bisa lewat rekening Mandiri an: Aditya Halim – 1040004152737

59 responses to “Contact

      • mw cari yg seri2 kecilnya ajj sih bro… seri 8057, 7976, 8060, 8072, 7984.. klo misal cari lego system series 95-97 (aquazone gtu) msih ada g y…?? trima kasih

  1. hi..aditya..
    im a mother of satria, he told me that he had order from u lego technic with code# 42004 through sms? so, i want to check for it., is it available? and how many days it will delivery to us after payment? and if there any garanty for this stuff? thanx. ummsatria, kuwait

    • oh hi, yes so for late reply, satria told me before that you will contact me… it is available and we will send to you on our delivery day, usually it will only take 1-2 days to arrived in Jakarta area. guaranty? 😀 you can check our web first or our to check our customer experience, and we have never our delivery… 😀

  2. Basic Bricks Delux 6177 masih ada nda? trs sama lempengannya dung msh ready kan? kl ada semua mau pesen nich?

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